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LED Love Block

4ft wide x 4ft high

The giant love block are certain to bring that ‘wow factor’ to any celebration event and are ideal for engagement parties, weddings, anniversaries and a lot more. They are a great focal point and will make for some fantastic photo’s.


Splat! Chase The Lights Game


Electronic game where two players race to press the light before their opponent.

Each player has  a circle of lights that light up one at a time, the aim of the game is to press the light that is turned on quicker than your opponent presses there light that is turned on. The faster you press the lights, the faster they light up.

Suitable for all ages as it plays slowly for young children and very fast for the expert’s.


Wedding package

Hire all three of our wedding items.

LED Love block, Post box, and Flute stand holds 72 flutes.