Jungle Soft Play

Size 12ft wide x 12ft long using all 12 velcro soft play mats

  1. 18x Jungle themed soft play shapes.
  2. 1x Jungle themed foam ball pool.
  3. 1x Jungle themed double rocker.
  4. 1x Jungle themed foam slide.
  5. 2x Inflatable happy hopperz.
  6. 3x scramble bugs.
  7. 12x 2″ thick foam velcro soft play mats.

Our soft play mats are 2″ thick and each mate is 3ft wide x 4ft long, they can be laid in different ways to suit your space, or we can use less mats for smaller spaces as they all velcro together.

Suitable for children up to the age of 5 years of age.

Indoor hires only



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